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How to take loan with Dhani

Friends, at some point of time in our life, we need a loan for some reason or the other. Sometimes the required loan amount is not so big that we can approach bank for it. Under such situation where a small amount of rupees 1 to 5 thousand is required, this online loan is very useful. However, finding a reliable loan app or company is very risky and difficult.  For such situations we can count on Dhani loan app which in not only reliable but also trust worthy. Let’s discuss in detail various aspects related to Dhani

How much loan can you take with the “Dhani” App?

Dhani company can provides you with loan ranging from Rs 3,000 to Rs.3 lakh which is immediately transferred to your bank account if fulfill all terms and conditions.

How much interest will be charged by Dhani?

If you want to take a loan from this “Dhani Personal Loan App” company, then let us tell you that this company charges absolutely 0% interest rate. Yes heard right or read right absolutely 0%. You will not have to pay any extra money if you take money from this company and for the same reason this company is considered trustworthy by many people who have taken loan from it.

What documents are required to take loan from Dhani Personal Loan App?

To take a loan from “Dhani Personal Loan App” you need to provide the following documents

  • Aadhar card – Aadhar card can work as your identity card and from it all your required information is obtained; as it contains all your basic information like your date of birth, your father’s name, where do you live and your biometric details or your fingerprint.
  • PAN card, with the help of PAN card, this company gets your permanent account number, with the help of which it can find out in which bank you have an account and from this the company can also identify you and can also find out your permanent address, that is, where do you live, mainly. If you want to take a loan from anywhere, you ask for a PAN card because this PAN card is a very reliable item for any person who wants to take a loan from any company because all your information is present in it.

Who can get loan from Dhani Personal Loan App?

  • You have to be a permanent resident of India. In other words if you have citizenship of India then only you can get loan and in case you belong to any other country then you are not eligible for loan.
  • This loan will be available only when your age is between 18 years to 60 years. If your age is below 18 years then this company is not going to give you the loan and even if you are more than 60 years of age, the company will not give it to you following the terms of this company.

How to take loan from Dhani  Loan App?

  • First of all, friends, you have to search “Dhani Personal Loan App” on Google Play Store.
  • Then you have to download this “Dhani Personal Loan App”.
  • Then you have to install this “Dhani Personal Loan App” in your phone.
  • After installing on the phone, you have to open this “Dhani Personal Loan App”.
  • Before starting this “Dhani Personal Loan App”, you will have to give all your permissions to it, in which you will have your contacts, your location.
  • Then you have to sign up or login again
  • Login To sign up, you have to fill your mobile number in this “Dhani Personal Loan App”.
  • Then through this you will be sent an OTP to your mobile number, which you have to enter in this “Dhani Personal Loan App”, after that
  • Your number will be verified and you will be signed up in this “Dhani Personal Loan App”.

After which you see any loan of your choice and apply for it. We have already told you about the required documents for getting the loan. After that immediately you will know whether you are eligible to take loan from this company or not. If you are not eligible, then this company refuses to give you a loan.

Dhani Loan Customer Care Number

Customer Care Team: 0124 6165 722 or 022 6773 7800


Friends, in today’s post, that’s all, today we learned how you can take a loan from a great loan company called ” Dhani Loan ” App. We have provided you with detailed information regarding required documents, eligibility criteria and others to necessary information for making things easy for you.

If you have any other question regarding Dhani App loan or any other suggestions do write to us or comment below. Stay safe and see you in our next post.