Rupicard Credit Card: Enhance Your CIBIL Score

Build Your CIBIL Score with Rupicard: India’s #1 FD Credit Card Helping Millions of Indians Improve Their CIBIL Score.

Increase Your CIBIL Score from 0 to 750+ in 3 Easy Steps

1. Book a Fixed Deposit (FD)
Open an FD with our partner bank through the Rupicard app, and receive 90% of your FD amount as a credit limit.

2. Get Your Rupicard FD Credit Card
Access your Rupicard FD credit card via the app and start using it for your monthly expenses.

3. Repay Bills on Time
Always pay your bills on time – we report your payments to credit bureaus like CIBIL, CRIF, Experian, and Equifax.

Benefits of Rupicard

Improve Credit Score
Boost your credit score by paying your credit card bills on time.

Decide Your Credit Limit
Start with a minimum Fixed Deposit of Rs 5,000 and top up your FD to increase your credit limit.

45-Day Free Credit Period
Enjoy an interest-free credit period and pay your bills at the end of it.

Instant Cash Withdrawal
Withdraw up to 90% of your credit limit from an ATM near you – a convenient option during emergencies.

Discounts on Dining, Lifestyle, Shopping & More
Enjoy exclusive discounts on dining, lifestyle, shopping, and many other categories.

0.5% Cashback on Eligible Spends
Earn 0.5% cashback on eligible spends – rewards that never expire.

Why Choose Rupicard FD Credit Card?

  • No Credit Score Needed
    Apply without an existing credit score.
  • No Income Proof Required
    Get approved without providing income proof.
  • Lifetime-Free Credit Card
    Enjoy a credit card with no joining or annual fees.
  • No Joining/Annual Fees
    Avoid any additional costs with no joining or annual fees.
  • Increase Your Credit Limit
    Easily increase your credit limit by topping up your FD.

How can I open a Rupicard Credit Card Account secured against a Fixed Deposit?

Customers should click on this link, which will lead them to their personalized page where they need to input their basic details.
Afterwards, they will be directed to download the Rupicard app from the app store, where they will again fill in their basic information.
Next, they are required to create an MPIN and proceed to create a Fixed Deposit, while also verifying their PAN and Aadhar details.
The minimum Fixed Deposit amount required is Rs. 5,000/-.
Upon completion, customers should proceed with the video KYC process using the link received via email.
Payouts will be earned once the credit card is successfully dispatched to the customer.

Is My FD Safe?

  • FD Booked with RBI-Approved Bank
    Your fixed deposit is securely placed with a bank approved by the Reserve Bank of India.
  • Earn Up to 7% p.a. Interest on FD
    Enjoy attractive interest rates, earning up to 7% per annum on your fixed deposit.
  • Close Your FD Anytime, No Lock-In
    Access your funds at any time without a lock-in period.
  • Fully Insured by RBI Up to ₹5 Lakh
    Your fixed deposit is fully insured by the RBI up to ₹5 lakh, ensuring the safety of your investment.

Manage Rupicard at Your Fingertips

Real-Time Credit Limit
Know exactly how much you can spend with your Rupicard FD Credit Card.

Track Transactions
Access your transaction history anytime and set spending limits to manage your finances wisely.

Complete Control
Instantly block or freeze your card if it is lost or stolen.

Use Anywhere
Use your Rupicard FD credit card for both online and offline purchases.


What is an FD Credit Card?

An FD credit card is a secured credit card that you can avail against a fixed deposit (FD). It functions just like any other normal credit card.

Do I Need to Book a New FD to Get Rupicard?

Yes, you need to book a new FD. The best part is that getting Rupicard is 100% guaranteed when you book your FD.

Is My FD Safe?

Yes, your fixed deposit is completely safe and secure as it is booked with an RBI-approved bank.

Will I Earn Interest on My FD?

Yes, you will earn up to 7% p.a. interest on your FD.

How Much Credit Limit Will I Get on Booking an FD?

Your Rupicard credit card limit will be 90% of your FD amount. The larger your FD, the higher your credit limit.

Do I Need to Book an FD Every Month?

No, you only need to book an FD once, and your credit limit will renew every month.

What is the Eligibility for Rupicard FD Credit Card?

You just need to be above 18 years of age to apply for Rupicard.

Will I Be Charged Any Joining or Annual Fee?

No, there will be no joining fees or annual membership fee.