How to take loan with LoanFlix Personal Loan Mobile App

We have come up with the app that will give you loan from absolutely reliable source. So friends, in today’s post we are going to talk about a very awesome app for you, which is going to be very helpful for you to take loan online.

Friends, the name of the app that we have brought for you today is LOANFLIX PERSONAL LOAN. Today in our post we will talk about how you can take loan from this LOANFLIX PERSONAL LOAN, what are the terms and conditions you will have to follow? How much interest is going to be charged to you by this LOANFLIX PERSONAL LOAN Company? What documents will you need to take loan from this LOANFLIX PERSONAL LOAN Company? So let’s start

How much loan can you take with the LoanFlix Personal Loan ?

Through LOANFLIX PERSONAL LOAN COMPANY you can get a loan of Rs 1000 to 2 lakh. That is, if you want to apply for a loan from this LOANFLIX PERSONAL LOAN Company, then you can take loan of thousands of rupees to 2 lakhs.

How much interest will be charged by LoanFlix Personal Loan ?

The interest rate that is going to be charged by the LOANFLIX PERSONAL LOAN Company will depend on two things. One thing is, what is your credit score? Higher the score better deal you will get that is the less interest rate will be charged. Otherwise you will get a simple interest rate which can be up to 36%.

What documents are required to take loan from LoanFlix Personal Loan ?


To take a loan from “LoanFlix Personal Loan ” you need to provide the following documents

  • First of all, friends, every company asks for Aadhar card, you will also have to give your Aadhar card to this LoanFlix Personal Loan company.
  • On the second number, you will have to give your PAN card, with the help of which it will take your address proof.
  • Thirdly friends, you have to give your salary slip to this company that if you work in any company then you will have to take salary slip from that company and if you have your own business then you will have to show your real income tax.

Who can get loan from LOANFLIX PERSONAL Loan ?

Let me tell you the terms and conditions that you will get through this company.

First of all, friends, you should be a citizen of India.

Your age should be above 21 years. If you are below 21 years of age then this LOANFLIX PERSONAL LOAN company will not give loan to you.

You should have a permanent source of income.


Friends, in today’s post, that’s all, today we learned how you can take a loan from a great loan company called ” LoanFlix Personal Loan  “. We have provided you with detailed information regarding required documents, eligibility criteria and others necessary information for making things easy for you.

If you have any other question regarding LoanFlix Personal Loan or any other suggestions do write to us or comment below. Stay safe and see you in our next post.