Per Annum: India’s Premier Fixed Deposit Income Investment Platform

Increase your riches through Per Annum.

Presenting India’s next groundbreaking investment opportunity. Earn up to 12% in annual returns by lending to India’s most creditworthy individuals.

Begin with just ₹50,000, free from investment fees and charges!

About Us : Per Annum Fixed Deposit by LendBox

Per Annum is constructing India’s most expansive platform for alternative and fixed income investments, opening up a wide array of investment opportunities previously inaccessible to Indian retail investors.

Our objective is to acquaint Indian retail investors with products beyond traditional fixed income options that barely outpace inflation. It’s time for Indian investors to gain access to products that remain resilient against stock market volatility while offering robust returns ranging from 9% to 15%.

Here’s how it works:

  1. This is the potential increase your funds will generate annually.
  2. By investing with us, your money is strategically distributed among carefully selected alternative investment opportunities.

Tailor your investment experience to your preferences. Choose from flexible investment timelines.

Your investment, your terms. opt for flexible or fixed-term investment horizons.

With a fixed-term investment, your funds are securely locked in for your chosen duration, maximizing your returns through efficient compounding.

Earn up to 11% annually with a minimum tenure of 12 months and an investment range from ₹1 lakh to ₹50 lakh.

Enjoy the benefit of no TDS on withdrawal and zero investment fees.

Optional monthly interest payouts available.”

Flexible Investment

Ideal for those seeking liquidity while keeping their funds invested. Withdraw your investment along with accrued interest anytime.

Earn up to 9.5% annually with a minimum investment of ₹50,000.

No minimum tenure requirement and no TDS on withdrawals.

Experience no deposit or withdrawal charges with daily interest crediting.

Its a Low Risk Alternative Investment Option


What is per Annum

Per Annum, an investing platform powered by RBI registered NBFC-P2P, Transactree Technologies Pvt Limited (referred to as Lendbox), specializes in facilitating lending to India’s top 2% most creditworthy individuals. Borrowers sourced through Tier 1 partners have impeccable repayment histories, ensuring robust credit risk management. Investments in Per Annum products yield interest income, offering investors the option to reinvest, leverage compounding, or withdraw directly into their bank accounts. Lendbox strategically allocates funds across various borrowers using its algorithm and continuously reinvests repayments into new borrowers to optimize returns.

What measures for risk mitigation does Per Annum currently employ?

Per Annum, powered by NBFC-P2P Lendbox, adheres to industry-leading underwriting practices with rigorous criteria for credit scores and repayment histories. Typically, borrowers approved for financing through Lendbox boast credit scores of 700 or higher and maintain consistent repayment records spanning over 5 years. Our Partners, who assist us in loan collection and risk assessment, operate on-the-ground teams of collection agents across many cities. Additionally, alternative data, income, and spending behavior are pivotal factors considered when evaluating borrowers for Lendbox.

Does Per Annum provide guarantees for my investments? How does it handle situations involving delays or defaults?

Apologies for the oversight. In accordance with RBI master directions, Lendbox does not guarantee or provide any security for investors’ returns. All investments are subject to the actual repayment performance of the loan. However, each loan undergoes stringent credit checks to ensure a high-quality loan portfolio. Lendbox maintains an in-house collection team and collaborates with authorized collection agencies to collect and recover loans disbursed via the platform. Additionally, partnerships with loan sourcing partners provide access to a substantial collection fleet in major cities. With high-quality borrowers and robust collection and recovery mechanisms in place, the incidence of delays and defaults remains minimal, ensuring that expected returns are delivered to investors.

What is the procedure for withdrawing my investment through the Flexi investment plan? Additionally, does this align with regulations set forth by the RBI?

You can request withdrawal of your funds (both principal and earned interest) through our app at any time. Upon receiving your withdrawal request, our system queues your ongoing investments for sale on the secondary market to other investors seeking to deploy their funds. Under optimal conditions, this process typically takes only a few hours, and the funds will be credited to your account within a few working hours. It’s important to note that Lendbox operates as a P2P-NBFC, and each transaction must go through our trustee-regulated escrow accounts. We are subject to banking holidays and trustee working hours, which may affect processing times. In the rare event that no investors are available to purchase your investments, the process may take a few days. Rest assured, you will continue to earn interest until the day before the funds are liquidated by selling the loans to other investors.

I initially selected a 12-month investment tenure, but I now wish to withdraw my investment earlier. What steps should I take to do so?

Under our Fixed Tenure investment plans, your funds will be committed for a minimum specified duration, during which they cannot be liquidated. In the event of exceptional or emergency circumstances, please reach out to your relationship manager to explore potential liquidation options, which may be subject to an exit load.

Per Annum Partners do not guarantee returns.

Our Partners do not provide guarantees for the safety of either the principal or interest portions of your investments. In accordance with RBI P2P regulations, all P2P loans are unsecured and cannot be supported by collateral.

Per Annum is regulated by the RBI.

Yes, Per Annum’s parent company, Lendbox (Transactree Technologies Pvt Ltd), is registered with the RBI as a P2P-NBFC.