Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

The Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Cards provide plenty of cashback and benefits. Along with incentives on other purchases, there is cashback on food and supermarket purchases. If these aren’t sufficient to entice you, interesting travel, shopping, dining, and other incentives will undoubtedly suffice. Do you want more information on these deals? Continue reading the page here.

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card Offer for year 2023

The Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card has exciting promotions for you. Look them up in the tips below.

  • Earn 5,000 reward points by paying the INR 999 membership fee.
  • 5% cashback is offered at supermarkets, grocery stores, and department stores.
  • The reward is available on transactions of INR 1,000 or more, with a monthly cashback cap of INR 500.
  • For every INR 150 spent, you earn three points.
  • Invest INR 1.2 Lakh annually to avoid the renewal charge

Features, fees & charges for Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

You should be aware of the following fees & charges associated with the card.

  • Membership Fee: 999
  • Annual Cost: Rs.999
  • Interest on Retail Purchases is charged at a monthly rate of 3.49%.
  • Cash advance interest rates are 3.49% per month.
  • 3% of the withdrawal amount plus a minimum of Rs.300 is the cash advance fee.
  • Late Payment Penalty: This can be anything between Rs. 100 to Rs.800

Note: In addition to these taxes and charges, Standard Chartered Bank will apply an 18% GST.

Eligibility Criteria for Standard Chartered

The following requirements must be met for Standard Chartered to approve your application for the Manhattan Platinum Credit Card.

  • A candidate must be between the ages of 21 and 65.
  • Furthermore, your revenue should be consistent.
  • Additionally, it is situated in the city where this card is issued.

Required documents

To ensure a hassle-free credit card application acceptance, submit the following papers.

  • Aadhaar, PAN, or voter ID cards are all acceptable forms of identification.
  • Driving License, Passport, or Utility Bills as Address Verification
  • Income Documentation: Most Recent Salary Slip or IT Return with Income Calculation
  • a passport-sized picture

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card Credit Limit

You may only use this Standard Charterd Bank credit card to make purchases up to its credit limit. Additionally, this will depend on your income and credit score. The limit can increase with higher income and credit scores, and vice versa. So, for this Standard Chartered Card, income stability is required. A limit that you desire is also a good idea. You won’t, however, engage in impulsive spending because of this. Be strategic with your spending so that you can acquire a bill that is simple to pay on or before the due date.

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card Apply Online

You feel like applying for the Manhattan Platinum Credit Card after reviewing the benefits, fees, and charges, right? To accomplish this, go to Standard Charted Website , where you may apply for your preferred credit card. The good news is that you may apply for a card using any of the available application forms. You must include a few personal and professional facts in each of them so that bank can forward them for processing. Your application does not receive approval from Standard Chartered Bank until a successful verification.

Click given below link to instant approval for standard charted credit card

Standard Charted Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card Application Status

Online application tracking is available for cards and for that only  application reference number is required. So, before hitting the “Submit” button, input both that information and your cellphone number. The application’s true status—whether it has been authorised, is seeking review, or has even been denied because of inconsistencies—would then become known to you.

Standard Chartered Credit Card Bill Payment Online

Either of the following methods can be used to pay the card balance.

  • Internet Banking Mobile Payment Gateway
  • Deposit cash, checks, or demand draughts at the local bank office.

Standard Chartered Credit Card Customer Care Number

 If you live in Noida or Gurgaon, call the customer service lines 18003451000 or 18003455000, 011-39404444, or 011-66014444 to learn about the most recent promotions available. Additionally, you may learn about fees, charges, and other information from the customer service representatives.

Standard Chartered Credit Card Statement

Develop the practice of periodically reviewing your account to stay informed about the transactions you performed during a given billing cycle, the total amount owed, and the minimum amount owed. Even the payment deadline would be made available to you. If you find that your spending is too high to pay your bills on time, the statement will help you manage your spending more effectively. Even though the minimum due only makes up 5% of the total dues, it may be tempting to choose it. With a minimum due payment schedule, the debt would actually just continue to grow until it was unmanageable. Pay the dues in full instead of avoiding doing so.